Kalonji oil soft gel capsules 60nos

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Kalonji oil soft gel capsules 60nos
Kalonji oil soft gel capsules 60nos 500mg each

100% Pure Kalonji oil Black Seed Nigella satva Oil soft gel capsules 30 nos. 500mg each

Black Seed or Nigella sativa is one the most valued medicinal seeds in history. The oil extracted from these highly valuable granules is equally beneficial and is used for different medicinal purposes.

The black seed oil or Kalonji oil is usually cold pressed from the Nigella seeds. The oil does not show fluorescence, not even when diluted with alcohol. A fixed oil is produced by hydraulic expression of the seeds of Nigella Sativa.

The oil of Nigella Sativa is a yellowish to dark amber liquid which when included in diet supplies proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable oils and fats, Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids, essential oils (0.5-1.5%), trace elements and enzymes for vitality and good health of an individual.

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