Ajmal 1001 Nights 30ml Original Imported Attar

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Ajmal 1001 Nights 30ml Original Imported Attar

Uniting deep-rooted traditions with modern times, Ajmal 1001 Night Concentrated Perfume, comprises spicy and smoky notes, which evolve into a menagerie of floral elements, complemented by the lingering effect of musky and woody notes. Equally as enchanting as the fragrance and in continuation of the ‘1001 Arabian Nights’ theme, the Concentrated Perfume is encased in an exquisitely-crafted bottle resembling a magic lamp. The matt-gold finish of the casing and the silver cap add to the charm of the authentic looking Arabian bottle containing 60 ml of the entrancing scent, capturing the magic and mystery of the orient.

"Good manners and good fragrance is what transforms the man into a gentleman!”

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