Al Haramain Madinah Pure Imported Attar Perfume 15ml

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Al Haramain Madinah is a unisex offering from house of Al Haramain Perfumes designed for individuals who are vibrant and have beaming personalities.

Size: 15 ml

Non Alcoholic.

Imported from UAE.

Al Haramain Madinah Atttar is a long lasting,Alcohol free perfume from one of the most popular perfume oil brands in the world: Haramain Madeenah” .

The Fragrance Features  citruses, orchid, rose, jasmine, saffron ,sandalwood and Cedarwood.

It has a Sweet floral Aroma,the kind you will not stop loving.It comes in Glass bottle with roll-on and screw cap.It has a Masculine Scent and is very suitable for the Summer.

Fragrance Notes: Madinah has a sweet floral aroma.

  • Top note: Rose, Geranium, Davana Blossoms, Bergamot, Orange
  • Middle note: Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Clove, Saffron, Sandalwood, Cedar wood
  • Base note: Floral, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Cashmere wood, Fruity

When You Apply it,You will  detect a faint musk like Oud straight after its application, then, simultaneously will the rose appears and then a gentle zesty touch from citrus. The balance of this juice is simply amazing.It is So well blended, soft, aromatic and  spicy that It will Win Your heart.You can use it everyday to office and as a Casual Wear. 

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