Al Haramain Sultan Pure Imported Attar Perfume 12ml

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Al Haramain Sultan Pure Imported Attar Perfume 12ml

Attar Perfume oil Sultan by Al Haramain refreshes the senses with the scent of sandalwood, white musk and vanilla.

The middle note is floral fruity and consists of Erdbeeeren, roses and pineapples. Cinnamon, sandalwood and jasmine with flowers fragrance form the base.

Sultan Al Haramain is a delicate fresh fragrance which is lapped by warm accents.

Recommendation: For men and women High quality perfume oil by Al Haramain;

perfume free from alcohol Bottle with roller and label.

Al Haramain is a well known manufacturer based in the UAE and produces high-quality perfumes, perfume oils without alcohol, Bakhour, incense of excellent quality.

Scent from above! In the silence of the night as you lie awake with your thoughts, the feeling of inner peace is palpable. The deep satisfaction with the day gone by is comforting, and the hopes you hold for tomorrow seem like rays of the rising sun themselves. Bringing with it the gift of peace and a promise for tomorrow, it is ironic that the illuminating fragrance of Al Haramain Sultan 12ml is a promised gift in itself.

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